MarketDesk partners with ChinaTickData to cover the globe’s largest futures market

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MarketDesk, the revolutionary market data sales channel today announced a partnership with ChinaTickData to deliver its high quality historical data on China’s futures market via the MarketDesk cloud-based platform.

ChinaTickData currently encompasses historical financial data for 63 commodities and financial futures contracts traded in China. Its data enrichment offerings provide a unique perspective into China’s domestic economy linking financial and commodities futures market activity. 

In applying the proprietary MarketDesk platform, ChinaTickData’s historical financial data spans traded Chinese commodities and financial futures from its massive database built from the ground up, serving high-speed traders and quantitative investors researching and testing their trading strategies in the largest global futures market.

With its modern cloud-based platform, MarketDesk is uniquely positioned to manage the financial database created by ChinaTickData across China’s commodities and financial futures. As China offers a unique set of governmental and regulatory challenges, the MarketDesk and ChinaTickData partnership will further alleviate these obstacles by combining their unique strengths and delivery systems.

Brice Hamon, MarketDesk CEO said, “As China is the world’s fastest growing consumer market and second largest importer of goods with agriculture being a major subset; MarketDesk is proud to partner with ChinaTickData and its database engine to deliver customers the best trading data in this globally critical market.”

Paul Hsu, CEO of ChinaTickData offered, “We are very excited and pleased to be working with MarketDesk, to have our data distributed through their unique technological platform. Brice and his team shares the same vision and passion as us about the future of data and its importance to global financial markets. We believe this partnership will only benefit market professionals, offering them an opportunity to further insights of the Chinese financial market and economy.”

Agriculture China Challenges

China is currently a central driver in the rising global agricultural pricing, with major import efforts in grain ongoing since July last year. Government data is systematically inaccurate, posing additional challenges to traders in this complex market. The partnership between MarketDesk and ChinaTickData lends itself to efficiencies offsetting some of these challenges.

There are major trading opportunities even within these existing parameters. As one example, the exploding international trading of soybeans offers a unique opportunity for the leading global producer Brazil, with China’s strong appetite for the agricultural product.

About ChinaTickData

ChinaTickData is one of the world’s largest and most comprehensive database of high frequency data for China’s futures market. It captures, scrubs and provides access to high quality Chinese historical data. ChinaTickData built its one-of-a-kind countrywide database in a yearlong effort out of Shanghai, working directly with institutional clients applying intensive due diligence and testing covering all commodities and financial futures in China.

About MarketDesk

MarketDesk features a one of a kind modern platform for content owners to distribute their financial data and content to a global community that prizes ease of use and mobility with cutting edge technology. Through MarketDesk, content owners can distribute their data to clients, employees and applications over the internet and mobile networks, under their brand and control. Its exclusive group of content partners seek to leverage the MarketDesk cloud-based technology and streamline execution to end use consumers.

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